Phew~ that was a looooooong pause!!

dont get me wrong darlings.
i love writing.
its what i believe is my greatest pleasure.
i can surrender my thoughts.
at least, half of it..

it's been too long.

i lost my broadband to my dad's awful principle of:-
"economic recession.need to cut down on expenses"

damn.that was definitely a reason to ponder.

last post.17th NOVEMBER?!!!!
to be fair, i HAVE to blame to lousy reception!
i don't blame my dad for cutting of my broadband; but the reception?!

that is simply unacceptable.

i ALWAYS thought KEDAH was the bad-reception place.
but clearly,i thought wrong.

not only that,it's IRONIC!

so.let me begin,with what happened during my holidays..

..........basically, the long dots was pretty much it.

i fought A LOT with my jack2.

but hey, at least i'm still with him ;)

i did not go ANYWHERE during the holidays.

except..well.except Genting Highlands.
but i DOUBT that it counts.

god.it's soooo freaking pathethic.

at least i tak putus wayar :DDD

AND, i did TRY to get a job.
although,to no avail.

of COURSE, the most ridiculous reason i got for a turn down on a job offer was:

"we're looking for Asian."

f*ck.what?rewind and replay.

i would've knocked that guy's teeth off.
but heyyy,stay professional weena.

so,instead of trying to gain money;

i decided.."what about USING money??"
naturally, that was easy.
but i needed an alibi.

i needed to get out of home often.

therefore, i happily signed myself for a bloody mandarin conversation crash course.

yea, i KNOW!

WHAT, was I THINKING???!!!!!!!!!!

i feel the need to inform that; well, i didn't already know that third language is required.
i guess..just my luck? :)
but i attended anyway.

met some people.

and an ex-schoolmate, i think..

but i didn't get to actually end it.
i was already up for enrollment for my 1st sem of BLS.

(btw, i DID NOT do well AT ALL; but i'm grateful i'm her now)

as always, my luck; being as it is, sucks.

my name was not available online.
after a frantic call to Sir Haswira, he advised me to check my name up in Shah Alam myself.
So, i dragged my boyfriend out of bed by 8 in the morning and got in UiTM just as the offices opened.
they re-checked my name.none was online.

checked in the system..*heart hammering crazy*
(it didn't help that everyone i went to seek help to; asked whether my pointer was fit for BLS)

Receptionist: Azweena Iqmar?

Me: YES!

Recptionist: *eyeing me* Awak memang layak.Nama awak ada dalam sistem.Sekarang sistem masih under maintainence. Petang nanti awak check lagi.

Me: *nods* Sekarang saya perlu buat apa?

Receptionist: Balik lah kot?

Me: *smiles* thank you. *all the way from p'jaya for THAT?!!*

I did check my name that evening, and again,to no avail :(

That guy who kept on taking my calls got sooooo annoyed that he told me:-
"Awak datang je esok, pergi ke Kolej Mawar dan daftar nama untuk kolej.Kemudian esoknya,pergi ke Dewan Sri Budiman dan daftar nama untuk course."

cis.i was just being worried.

nobody has any idea WHAT was running through my bloody mind that time..

i was thinking....TESL..lol.

anyhow.so i did as i was told.
forget the fact that i was skipping MMS (orientation) as much as i could.

dear juniors, please be informed that u need NOT attend orientation as we all had done so back in Kedah.
that orientation was bound to be good for sumtyn righhhht?

that was that.i'm here now.
happily typing my blog.

ANYhow, classes started.
i didn't get the same class with aliaar.
but of coz i cant be separated from taskin.

--i think i shall pause for the day :D
i shall rewrite tomorrow.



bored and fun in the same sentence?

i think.using bored and fun in the same sentence is annoyingly ironic.
however,there are acceptions..
i'll get back to that,l8r.

6th: final ends (*weeps* - i think i'd repeat :(( )
7th: penang baby.with the girls!
details cannot be discussed of some circumstances!but pictures is worth a thousand words...

penang, we're coming baby!
lol. horrible!
they were incredible buddies!

sleepy& tired but we needed to head back :(
that was the best penang view i've ever feasted my eyes on.

i'm too lazy to write :(
so anyway.
hopefully i'll go to s.alam with an abundance of wonderful memories.
i'm writing again later today.
when i've retrieved pictures from jack2 ku.

ouh btw.i've got a son now.
a picture will be posted,no worries.

i've to go cook.

i've learned to cook many things.

khas dari ibu.
hanya kerana si dia.

it's fun gilaaa cooking but honestly mommy,it's oh so bo-riiiing!
cooking: an irony.

and becoz of cooking, i smell like onion all the time!



4 down, 1 to go

funny,the last paper seems to be the paper i'm most terrified of.
global?wat's that?
please oh dear ALLAH, please let me pass.
i think i should've written a note to madam:-
"I reaaaaally don't wana repeat.please let me pass"
pfft.like she's gonna go "owh..siannye.."
i think i jawab okay.
then when i come out of the exam hall.
gatal2 gi check some stuff.
pfft.dream of even getting a 'B'.
at least i'm looking forward to mois night.
or slippery senorita.*damn.tak cukup duit*
maybe if we feel gay,momo.
but it's all in planning.
i'm still going to penang no matter what.
even if i come back here next sem.
as long as i have my guts, i'll be okay.
wish me luck for law please.
gonna need all the luck in the world for this.
u know the movie 'just my luck'?
i would really like to have lindsay's luck for just two hours on the 6th.
from 2.15pm-4.15pm.
or perhaps that potions that brings luck?
mcm harry potter? :(
he needs luck to save the wizarding world.
i need luck just to go through law..
owh how i wish i could do:
defence against the dark arts;
muggle studies;
lol.harry potter geek XD

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